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A1 Level

A1 Level syllabus 

This A1 Syllabus contains an overview of what a student is expected to know at the A1 level. After completing the A1 level course, you should be able to accomplish the following: 

  1. Greet people

  2. Talk about yourself

  3. Talk about where you live

  4. Talk about your family members

  5. Talk about your likes and dislikes

  6. Engage in a simple buy-and-sell situation

  7. Ask about the day, the time and the date

  8. Accept and refuse

  9. Read simple notices, posters and catalogues

  10. Fill in a simple form

  11. Write a simple postcard  

A1 Vocabulary Topics
Based on the A1 Syllabus, here's a list of A1 Vocabulary Topics that you are expected to know. 

  1. Alphabet 

  2. Numbers

  3. Family name & Given Name

  4. Residence

  5. Personal items

  6. Classroom objects

  7. Nationalities

  8. Professions

  9. Marital status (married / single)

  10. Countries & Cities

  11. Hobbies

  12. Family

  13. Time

  14. Prices

  15. Weather / Climate

  16. Date

  17. Days of the week

  18. Descriptions (small, big, old, young, etc)

  19. Colours

  20. Seasons

  21. Places

A1 Grammar Topics
Based on the A1 Syllabus, here's a list of A1 Grammar Topics that you are expected to know. 

1. Personal subject pronouns

2. Tonic pronouns 
3. Present tense - State, Description
4. Common verbs: be, have, do, to be called  
5. ER Verbs: to live, to work, to talk

6. Verb: to understand (I and You forms) 
7. Condionnal for politeness (I would like to) 

8. Interrogation (the 3 forms)  
9. Interrogative words: Do you, What do you 
10. Interrogative pronouns:Where, When, How much


11. Interrogative adjectives (what) 
12. It is / This is / Here is  
13. Definite and Indefinite articles
14. Zero article for professions 
15. Cardinal numbers

16. Demonstrative adjectives
17. Masculine/Feminine & Singular/Plural   
18. Agreement of Adjectives (for nationalities) 
19. Some descriptive adjectives (big, small, ...)  
20. Position of adjectives

21.  Affirmative and Negative sentences 
22. Negation (not)  
23. Possesive 's to show belonging 
24. Possessive adjectives  
25. Partitive articles (of the)

26. Adverbs of quantity (a few, a lot)  
27. Uncountable 
28. Countable
29. Impersonal 'it' for the weather  
30. Expressions of time (now, this morning, tomorrow)  

31. Expressions of time (days, months, seasons, year)  
32. Expressions of Place: go to / come from + a city or country; live in + a city or country 

33. There is / There are
34. Connectors: and, or, but  


A1 Speaking Topics
Based on the A1 Syllabus, here's a list of A1 Speaking Topics that you are expected to know. 

1. First encounters 
    Greet sb
    Take leave of sb
    Ask sb's news or Give your news

2. Introduction
    Tell about yourself or sb else
    Give your name

    Spell your name 
    Tell your age 
    Tell your nationality
    Tell your profession

3. Talk about your daily life 
    Give your address/email
    Give your phone number
    Talk about your family
    Talk about your hobbies 


4. Describe an object / a person

    Tell apart sth or sb 

    Say the price of an object

    Talk about ownership

    Talk about quantity

    Describe the weather 


5. Ask for an information
    Ask for personal information
    Ask about the date
    Ask about the time 
    Ask about a service


6. Talk about when something happens

    Tell the date

    Tell the time 


7. Talk about where something happens

    Give directions about a city / a country

8. Give instructions or advice


9. Accept something: Agree to sth

10. Refuse something: Disagree 

11. Participate in a conversation

      Say what you don't understand

A1 Sociocultural knowledge
Based on the A1 Syllabus, you should be aware of the following sociocultural issues at A1 level. 

1. Greetings (when meeting people)

2. Simple expressions to express politeness: excuse me, please, sorry, thank you
3. Informal you and Formal you 

4. Difference between I want & I woud like
4. How to write an informal letter 

5. How to write a postcard

6. How to write an email

A2 Level

A2 Level syllabus 

A2 Vocabulary Topics

Based on the  A2 Syllabus, here's a list of  A2 Vocabulary Topics that you are expected to know. 


1. People: Family, Physical description 

2. Places: Cafe, Restaurant, Shops, Bank, Post office, Hotel, Road 

3. Hobbies: Sports, Going out, Shows, Holiday trips

4. Public transportation: Subway, Train, Bus, Taxi 

5. Daily Life: Work, Shopping, 


Daily activities

6. Accommodation: Units in the house, interior decor

7. Everyday objects

8. Food ingredients, Cooking, Meals, Recipes

9. Common animals 

10. Countries & Cities

11. Itinerary, Weather forecast

12. Actions in daily life 

13. Events: Meetings, Evening out, Family events, Visits, Excursions, Accidents, TV news

14. Money and payments 


A2 Grammar Topics

Based on the  A2 Syllabus, here's a list of  A2 Grammar Topics that you are expected to know. 


1. Present Simple tense - Habit, State

2. ER, IR, OIR and RE verbs

3. Pronominal verbs: verbes reflechis and pronominal verbs

4. Common verbs, e.g. : come, go, do, know, see, take  

5. Some Verbs + infinitive: want to, able to, can do

6. Have to + infinitive

7. Past Simple - events in the past  

8. Past participles  

9. Imperfect tense - descriptions in the past (it was, there was) 

10. Imperative - Affirmative and Negative - for instructions and commands

11. Near Future Tense  

12. Future simple tense -   

13. Recent Past tense - to have just done sth

14. Present Progressive - to be in the process of doing something

15. Interrogative adjectives and pronouns

16. Adjectives - Position and Agreement 

17. Possessive adjectives and pronouns   

18. Demonstrative pronouns 

19. Transitive and Intransitive verbs - Direct and Indirect object  

20. Relative pronoun 'there' - place 

21. Relative pronouns - who, that/which 

22. Prepositions of time: when, while

23. Prepositions of place: go to, be at, come from + a place 

24. Connectors

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